bob’s place

the next day it was only a couple of kilometers until we reached bob’s place. our host arrived 5 minutes later with material for a structure he was planning in his vegetable garden. he had made already quiet an effort to create a level area for the tents and outdoor toilet with view of the buller gorge. it is a wild looking piece of land with only a shack to live in but a very cozy one with outdoor bathtub and a big garden with all sorts of fruit and vegetables.

we made a small trip to the next town, about an hour away, to get some groceries before we turned our attention to bob’s table tennis set. it turned out that marco and me were on the same level and it was loads of fun to play in these surroundings while the stereo was playing sly & robbie, or the new tom waits and wilco records. we continued with the table tennis the next morning until two other cyclists arrived. a mother and daughter duo. the girl riding a unicycle while the mother carried the gear for two. after a nice chat while having breakfast we had another short ride together before marco took the turnoff towards the lewis pass and i went further north towards motueka.


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