koh muk

soon after leaving pakmeng i passed the turnoff to the pier for koh muk. as there are almost no regular ferries going during the rainy season, i thought the only option would be to charter a long tail boat which would be expensive. but as the sign stated the pier was just 2km away, i steered this way. after asking around the situation soon sounded much better. there is still one boat per day and after an hour of waiting we were off to koh muk.

i thought about switching to camping again since accomodation is a budget burner, especially on the islands. but the places advertising camping were all closed for the rainy season and i didn’t want to just put up my tent on their property. as i went to the other side of the island i came by the ‘hilltop restaurant’ and stopped for lunch. after a delicious meal and an invitation from the family to pitch my tent in their garden, this became my home for the following week.

it was a family of seven. song, the mother, could speak a little english, is quite a character and kept the place busy. surrounded by rubbertrees, it was a cool spot during the day and during the night it was allright to switch back to sleeping in the tent without bathing in sweat. 

i enjoyed the daily walk or ride to the beach through the rubbertree forest and then beneath palm trees

towards the shore.

when i arrived on the first day i was the only person and the questions why this beautiful place is so neglected during the rainy season presented itself. if you don’t find and answer just ‘drop the thought’. so did i, ran into the water and soon did not contemplate anymore.

the following day i started out to go up. there was supposed to be a path and a viewpoint. i couln’t find both but i just kept going until up would have been climbing up a tree or starting to fly. the view of ‘farang beach’.

i got some bruised during the climb and was hunted by mosquitos but the view was worth it. as i came back, song didn’t care about my smile and raving stories about the view and was complaining about absent tourists… but there were some newly arrivals these days. after 3 days outside the egg on their first excursion through the garden.

on the last day (extra day not included) we set out to the emerald cave and koh kradan. and on our extra day just hang out at the beach until sunset.

koh muk has been amazing. affordable through camping and the cheap yet delicios food. recommendation for the rainy season, but probably good all around the year!

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