couchsurfing in kayseri

before i went to göreme i was invited by onur over couchsurfing. as my train was not before 2 in the morning i was more than happy to accept his invitation. after traveling back from göreme i first pickep up my camera which was repaired for only 70 lira (a bit more than 30 euros). first photo since the crash from the coming winter in kayseri


no bus driver wanted to take the bicycle on board. so we switched to a taxi…


i had a wonderful time with my hosts. their hospitality is outstanding even by turkish standards and they are easy to share a laugh with. since there aren’t too many bars or clubs in kayseri we entertained ourselves with dancing to turkish music, singing some songs and exchange thoughts about our home countries. i stayed a day longer before i left with the night train to erzurum and was offered warm socks and clothing for the cold weather in eastern turkey. thank you for a wonderful time in kayseri. i hope we meet again someday.


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