i was glad to leave the coastline and head back to rural italy. somehow i felt more at home. the people are more interested in one another and seem to cherish what they have a little more.

i came by the beautiful city of colliano and spent the night in the mountains with view on the lago di canzo. from then on it was mostly downhill to bari which was bliss after some heavy climbs the day before.

after i was back at the sea and had some time left til the departure of the ferry i took a bath in the sea and cooked a meal before i headed to the port to get my ticket. i spent quite some time in bari cause the ferry was leaving only at 11pm. i like the city very much and in return i played my first concert as a busker. it was quite an experience and turned out to be cool. it is totally different from a concert you play on stage. the audience is changing a lot, sometimes you just play for yourself and it is not that scheduled so it can vary much more. well it earned me some supplies for the crossing of the adriatic sea and this journey has another first time. here`s the place


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