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goodbye indonesia

after the week on gili air i made my way back to bali and denpasar. i ended up in kuta as i was looking for an accommodation close to the airport. kuta is not a nice place. well i didn’t stay long… as i was printing out my plane ticket i was first irritated then highly alarmed as the date was 2 days earlier than i had in mind. which left me three and a half hours to get my things packed and make it to the airport 2 hours before departure.

within thirty minutes i was back on my packed bike on the way to the airport with directions from the guesthouse which i hoped to have remembered correctly. thirty minutes later i was at the airport and had only to find the right terminal and…

once at the airport i still got the problem to get my bike packed for the flight. since i had no time to get packing material, some guys from the packing station wrapped it up in about a hundred layers of cellophane and then it was about time to check in.

soon there will be more posts from down under… right now i am in magaret river, grape season is coming and i’ll stick around for some weeks working before i continue on the bicycle towards the east.

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at padang bai, the ferry port to lombok, some of the “usual guys” tried to persuade me to get an accommodation. this time the ferry was supposed to be broken and the sea rolling with huge waves, a storm advancing and the gods were upset anyway… after a 4 hour boat ride and some hours of sleep on a wooden bench, i arrived just after sunrise and started towards the north mostly along the coastline with occasional stops for a snack or a swim.

i found a rather expensive place which i was pondering to take or not. now that i am in australia i am glad that i didn’t look after every penny as the little extra i spent in indonesia would get me nowhere over here. the place had a great garden from which one could enjoy the sunsets and watch the fisherman.

that week was a cultural festival with traditional groups all over indonesia coming to senggigi, the tourist center on the island. there were groups with percussions, music, dancers, some were playing scenes from historic events and they were all dressed up in a unique style.

this guy was amazing. he seemed to move and dance without a care in the world.

the streets were packed and cars had to wait until wave after wave of dancing or chanting people had passed the stage.

i then went on to spent a week on the gili islands. i ended up on gili air, the closest one to lombok. a nice mixture of island life with the majority of the local population living there. i didn’t do much, not even taking photographs but i was a week well spent. as i wanted to do some shopping before leaving indonesia i wanted to be back in denpasar a couple of days before the flight to perth. i was lucky i did so as time was precious…